Forum Title: Weatherstripping an incredibly warped and crooked door
The house I live in is very old, and both exterior doors are very warped and crooked. There are gaps between the frame and the door that vary from about 1/16 to 1/2. I've managed to install door bottoms and sweeps, but weatherstripping the sides and top of the frame is giving me some major trouble. At first I tried 1/2 inch foam tape as that filled all the gaps nicely and still allowed the door to close, but the quickly came off with use. Now I'm trying to install a 1/4 by 1/2 gasket around the door frame, but I gave up in disgust after about 2 hours of working on one side. The door is so warped that I have to nail the gasket in a zigzag to attempt to fill all the gaps, and the door latch catches fine but to lock it requires quite a bit of pushing. I tried nailing the gasket closer to the frame, and its a little easier to close the door (but still not easy) but then there are still large gaps. The gasket just doesn't compress enough... What I seem to need is something with the permanence of a nailed in gasket with the compressibility of foam tape. I've been unable to find anything suitable at any local hardware stores, and wouldn't know what to buy online without being able look and feel whatever I'm buying. Any suggestions on how to insulate my doors?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: JILL WALSH (Grand Junction, CO), 01/07/2019 expert...but that companys reasoning just seems stupid. 1 yr warranty on seal failure? Why? Do they make them in the back room? I can buy windows all day long that that have 20yr warranty on that...and many are made by the same company that most glass suppliers buy from. I live in a similar climate, though a bit lower elevation, and my almost 20 y/o windows have no seal issues.

- JIMMIE BALL (Palm Bay, FL), 02/27/2019

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