Forum Title: Will inside mounting blinds work with my windows ? (pics).
I would like to hang iside mounting 2-slat faux wood blinds in the window pictured below, however, after doing some research and watching several videos on mounting inside mount blinds I still have no idea if inside mounting blinds will work with my windows. ... every video I watch shows windows that appear to be atleast 2 deep from the front of the trim to the front of the bottom sash and all the surfaces they screw the mounting clips to are perfectly flat... MY WINDOWS ARE NOTHING LIKE THAT!!!!! (see pics below) So, I have 2 quesions: 1) Will I be able to mount inside blinds in my widows using the standad equipment that comes with the blinds ? 2) If not, is there a way it can be done using non-standard equiptment ?UPPER RIGHT CORNER (a)UPPER RIGHT CORNER (b) LEFT SIDE (to show depth from front of trim to front of bottom sash)
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: RUBEN LOWE (Roseville, CA), 01/15/2019

You actually need about 26 to install a prehung 24 door, because the door has a 3/4 jamb on each side and you need a little extra room to plumb and shim it.

- JUSTIN MORRIS (Bristol, CT), 02/11/2019

Quote: Originally Posted by the_tow_guy Based on what I can see in the photos I don't think you can. There is space to mount them, but they will only go down as far as the top of the lower half of the window and would of course interfer with opening the window. we'll see... i'm not giving up that easily.. i'm thinking i might be able to find some clip extensions that would put the blinds out far enought to clear the bottom sash... so the blinds wouldn't be as far off the winow as if outside mounted, but not as close as inside mounted.

- JENNIFER MILLER (Boynton Beach, FL), 03/01/2019

I don't think it applies to your windows...but for future have to be carefull with some windows. Andersen 200 series for instance have the balance in the frame at the top...drill into it and yer gonna be replacing them at about $30 a pop. As I said...not an issue with yours..just thought I'd mention it...

- GORDON BANKS (Pharr, TX), 02/15/2019

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