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I'm replacing The Big Window in the middle in the picture. I want to order the glass online since it appears to be an easy fix. They want the EXACT measurements and I'm not sure where to measure from for the replacement window. [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]Ive attached some closeups of the Window if it helps. Also, is this an easy DIY fix(as far as windows go)? Here is a picture of my measuring technique. [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG] [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: MARGARET RODRIGUEZ (Tampa, FL), 01/04/2019

The pc they put on the bottom looks like J channel for a new construction install with vinyl siding. The window is probably 'multi-purpose', in that it can be used for new construction ( with the J installed all around ) or replacement without the J. My guess is they put it on the bottom so they could screw that pc of wood, so when the window was slid around the factory floor, the delivery truck, and the distributor, it didn't damage the bottom. Yes, cut it off, or more likely, you can remove the wood strip, then simply work the J flange out of the track and discard. The metal strip IS used to join the two windows in the center, but generally when I order a mulled together unit, it's already screwed on...never got one loose like that, but yeah, I'd probably put it on, as the center mull is most like just an H type mull, and if you go to pick the unit up, it could separate in the center. Usually when I installed a mulled unit, I took the sashes out, and just installed the frame, then put the sashes back in.....made it a lot easier to work with. Andy....former window installer.

- Nick L (Huntersville, NC), 02/23/2019

Well that was highly useful information. Thank YOU!

- CHARLENE NORRIS (Union City, CA), 02/20/2019

Something seems wrong...where is the actual window? I agree..that looks like a storm window..but what is between it and the interior? The storm window is an issue of course...but it looks like the interior of the sill has been exposed to the weather...

- SHERRI GARNER (Fort Myers, FL), 03/06/2019

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